Parish and Town Council Newsletter Survey

Cambridgeshire County Council would like your help.

They’ve put together a survey to find out what you think about Cambridgeshire Matters – their bi-monthly parish and town council newsletter.

They’d like to know how you receive it, when you receive it, what you like about it and what you’d like to see more or less of each issue.

Take part in the survey here.


What is Cambridgeshire Matters?

The aim of the newsletter is to keep parish and town councils across the county informed of all the latest news and updates for county council services. This survey will help the County Council identify how they can best continue to communicate their news to you and your council. Click here to view the July edition of Cambridgeshire Matters

They’re keen to hear the thoughts of your parish and town council colleagues too, so please forward this to anyone you think will have a view on receiving the newsletter.


The survey results

The results from this survey will be shared only with Cambridgeshire County Council staff responsible for compiling the Cambridgeshire Matters newsletter, and those staff involved with the analysis of the data collected.

If you have any queries, or would like further information about the Cambridgeshire Matters newsletter or the survey, please contact the Council by emailing

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