Busting the myths around Rural Affordable Housing

On 3 July, Cambridgeshire ACRE and its partners in the Cambridgeshire Rural Affordable Housing Partnership embarked on a ‘Mythbuster Tour’ of rural affordable housing developments in South Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire.

Accompanying us were 21 local councillors from parish, town and district councils interested in learning more about rural exception sites.

As organisers, we felt it was a very successful event and feedback from attendees reflects this, with many  expressing the sentiment that myths had been well and truly busted. One attendee noted: “I feel I now have a better understanding of the affordable / social housing situation in Cambridgeshire. The tour really broadened my knowledge as a relatively new parish councillor and was well worth attending.

For anyone unable to attend, the programme from the event is available to download here and you can see a gallery of images from the different sites below.

If your local council would be interested in exploring the idea of a rural affordable housing development in your village, please get in touch with you via the Contact page.

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