Parish Profile – Great Staughton

As part of our ongoing series of parish profiles, we recently spoke to Bob Jewell, Chair of Great Staughton Parish Council. You can read our interview with Bob by clicking on the download link below:

Interview with Bob Jewell

Great Staughton is in Huntingdonshire, about 8 miles from Huntingdon. Around 1,000 people live in the village. The village has good facilities, making it a great place to live, including a church, a GP surgery, a butcher’s shop, two hairdressers, two pubs, a primary school including a pre-school, a village hall, a playing field with its own pavilion and a children’s play area complete with a skate ramp. The parish council lead, or are involved in, many of the community projects that take place there.

The idea of these profiles is to help clerks and councillors understand more about how other local councils operate, what their successes have been and what their ambitions are for the future. We believe that by encouraging this type of social learning, all councils will benefit.

If you’d like us to profile your parish or town council so that you can share your knowledge and experiences with others, just like you, then please get in touch.

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