What’s it like being the Clerk or Chair of a Local Council?

At Cambridgeshire ACRE, we think there is a lot to be gained from local councils sharing their views and experiences with each other. For every council spending time at its meetings discussing youth provision, there’s another council that’s putting some really good ideas into practice. And for every experienced clerk out there, there’s probably one who’s not quite sure how to tackle the next item on his/her ‘to do’ list.

One of our ideas for encouraging more networking and share of ideas is to profile a parish council by chatting to its clerk and chair and writing up those interviews to share with others in the same position.

We’ve started in the parish of Haddenham and Aldreth, in East Cambridgeshire, about 7 miles from Ely. Around 3,345 people live in the main village and its nearby settlement. There’s shops (groceries/post office, take-away, butchers, hairdressers), a primary school, several community meeting places and two pubs). It’s a thriving community with plenty of ongoing community-led projects. The parish council are involved in many of these projects offering support and leadership where necessary.

We talked to the Parish Council Chairman, David Lyon, and the Parish Clerk, Jenny Manning, about their respective roles. You can read their respective interviews by clicking on the download links below:

Interview with David Lyon

Interview with Jenny Manning

If you’d like us to profile your parish or town council so that you can share your knowledge and experiences with others, just like you, then please get in touch.

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