Innovate & Cultivate Fund – Deadline approaching

1 May is the application deadline for small ‘Cultivate’ grants of £2,000-£10,000.

Can your organisation help to strengthen our communities in Cambridgeshire and reduce pressure on County Council services? Cambridgeshire County Council is seeking to invest in projects that will offer a return on investment and help to achieve the Council’s seven priority outcomes for Cambridgeshire:

1. Older people live well independently.
2. People with disabilities live well independently.
3. Adults and children at risk of harm are kept safe.
4. Places that work with children help them to reach their potential.
5. The Cambridgeshire economy prospers to the benefit of all residents.
6. People live in a safe environment.
7. People lead a healthy lifestyle and stay healthy for longer.

How to apply
Council services that are inviting applications include adult social care, children and families services, and the waste service.

The fund is open to voluntary, community and social enterprise sector organisations based in and outside of Cambridgeshire, and public sector organisations in Cambridgeshire.

Applications and further information about the fund may be found on the Cambridgeshire Community Foundation website.

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