Cambridgeshire Local Council Development Plan 2017-2022 Realising the potential of town and parish councils to improve the lives of people in Cambridgeshire


The Local Council Development Plan was launched at the Local Council Conference which was held at the Burgess Hall, St. Ives on Friday 17th November 2017. The plan is the first of its kind in Cambridgeshire and acts as a starting point for the sharing of ideas, ambitions and aspirations for Cambridgeshire’s local council sector. Local councils have the power to raise a precept and can make a significant impact on their communities through the use of a number of discretionary powers.

As a result of the surveys which were carried out early in 2017, the development plan  has been written to address the needs which were highlighted by the clerks and councillors who responded. These actions include such things as producing template induction packs for clerks and councillors and holding a series of networking events across the district.

The Local Council Development Plan Document is available to read here.

Diane Bayliss

Town and Parish Council Development Officer

24th November 2017

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